K33B – Custom ergonomic keyboards

We at K33B constantly strive, push and innovate to provide you with the best quality keyboards with reasonable prices.

We made a configurator, which allows you to choose from plethora of options, thumb clusters, rows, columns, Bluetooth, colors, and a lot more, and even more on the way. There is a preview window that shows a render of current configuration (in 3D too).

Keyboards ship within 2 weeks, or if you are impatient, check out our Instant Dactyl selection, where we offer already made keyboards that are ready to ship within 1 day.

Our cases are 3D printed using either one of two technologies:

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) – using PLA plastic it produces layer lines that are visible and are 0.15 mm / 0.0059 inch in height.

MSLA (Masked Stereolitography Apparatus) – using ABS grade resin it produces almost no layer lines (0.05 mm / 0.002 inch height) so the case is smooth, almost like injection molded.

Keyboards can come with two variants of powerful firmware and high speed integrated circuit, depending wether you choose wired or the Bluetooth option.

If the keyboard is wired it comes equipped with RP2040 IC and QMK firmware. This also includes Vial support for changing keyboard settings on the fly.

If you opt for Bluetooth the keyboard comes with nRF52840 IC and ZMK firmware. This firmware does not allow changing keyboard settings without recompiling firmware, but developers have this option on the roadmap.

Each keyboard comes with hot swap sockets so you are not limited to a single switch but can experiment and change it whenever you want.

We offer three types of Kailh switches (silent, linear and tactile) or you can go without switches and put any MX compatible switch in.

Keycaps that we offer are blank and come in 10 colors. They are DSA keycaps from PBT material so they can last a long time.

You can choose to have hand rests that are magnetically attached to the case. They are tilted in X and Y direction to fit the tilt angle of the keyboard. The inserts, where hands actually rest, can be either wood or faux leather.

Custom cables are also an option where you get fine black paracord wrapped USB-C to USB-A cable to connect the keyboard to computer and a TRRS cable to connect the two halves together.

You can find out more details in our newly launched Documentation! All the in-s and out-s are there and we constantly update it with more info.

There is also GitHub where you can check our code, Discord server where you can chat with the community.


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