About us

Our company “KolaBot” was founded in 2020 in Croatia. After doing 3D printing services and various client specific jobs, that involved skills with electronics, programming and mechanical engineering, we decided to start manufacturing keyboards. As keyboard enthusiast it was only logical. And so K33B was created, where you can order customized keyboard specific to your needs and likes.

Our goal is to provide you, our valued customer, with superb keyboards that have plethora of customization to choose from, so you can customize your keyboard as you see fit. Currently we offer the Dactyl variant keyboard, but in the near future we will expand our inventory with a newly created keyboard that we are working on! We are aiming to provide the ultimate endgame keyboard that has almost infinite options to customize that fits your hand like a glove.

Support us and our work by buying our keyboards from the store, so we can create more open source designs!

Company info:
KolaBot d.o.o.
Ivana Meštrovića 35
10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 / 98 [-] 641 {-} 666
email: contact {ăŤ} k33b.com
VAT: HR92404032078
IBAN: HR0623400091111106312
Share capital: 2.654,46 EUR

You can also find us on Discord, Reddit and GitHub or use our website contact form.

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